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Colour Management Articles

Introduction to Colour Management

A Colour Management primer, explaining what Colour Management is, why it is needed and how it is used.

FireFox Colour Management

FireFox is a very nicely Colour Managed web browser and with a quick tweek of the defaut settings you can see web based images exactly as the creator intended.

How to Calibrate a Monitor

If you edit your own images you need a properly Calibrated Monitor. Professionals know that a colour accurate monitor is the foundation of quality image making. This free 13 Chapter eBook explains in detail how to calibrate a monitor and how to verify the results.

Colour Management Dictionary of Terms

Brief explanations of many Colour Management Terms. This is a growing dictionary so be sure to bookmark it!

Colour Management and the World Wide Web

Until now the lack of proper colour management on the web has been a major headache. Thankfully this issue can now be solved with a colour managed browser that allows you to see images as the publisher intended. Read about the problem and how to solve it.

I1Display - Removing the Ambient Light Head

The i1Display is a precision instrument so it's worth handling it with care...

Gamma 2.2 Versus 1.8

Many Mac users have long had the wrong impression that they need to calibrate their monitors to gamma 1.8. Learn why gamma 2.2 applies as much to a Mac as it does a PC.

Soft-Proofing with Photoshop

Maybe you've heard of Soft-Proofing but have no idea what it is or how to use it. Our article will help you unleash the power of this advanced Photoshop tool.

Custom Printer Profile Instructions

Custom Printer Profiles are the secret to accurate, professional results from your home printer. Just follow these straight forward instructions and we can build an extremely accurate profile for you.

How to Print with a Custom Printer Profile

Learn how to print with a Custom Printer Profile. You will be amazed by the accurate colour of your results.

Using a Printer Profile Test Image

A Printer Profile Test image is an objective way to access exactly how your printer performs. Use it to asses the abilities of your printer out of the box and after it has been custom printer profiled

Custom Scanner Profiles

So you scanned a photo or slide and the colours are wrong? Don't waste your time manually colour correcting in Photoshop. A Custom Scanner Profile can do all the heavy lifting for you!

Scanning - Using a Custom ICC Profile

Once you have a Custom Scanner Profile, follow these simple steps to ensure that you make colour accurate scans every time.

Photoshop Tutorials & Articles

Digital Imaging Dictionary / Glossary

Brief explanations of many Digital Imaging Terms. This is a growing resource so be sure to bookmark it!

Setting Black and White Points using Photoshop Levels

Knowing how to properly set Black and White Points can be the difference between dull washed out results and bright contrasty output. Make sure you are using the full dynamic range available to you.

Pixel Resolution

Do you know the difference between Image Resolution and Pixel Resolution? Do you know what Pixel Resolution will make for good output? This article explains everything you need to know.

Scaling or Resizing an Image

There are many times when you need to resize an image - say when you are printing or preparing an image for the web. Whether enlarging or reducing an image there are a number of different ways to go about it. This tutorial will help you resize images in the best way for a given situation.

Preparing Files For Print

These notes explain the ideal way to prepare a file to ensure you get the best results from our Fine Art Printing Service

PC Skills for Image Makers

Power Manage a Desktop PC

Many readers will be aware that Laptop computers have power management settings but less will know that you can employ similar strategies with your desktop. Not only will you make your desktop that little bit 'Greener' but you will save a bit of time too!

Rapidly Shutdown or Hibernate a PC

How to shutdown your PC rapidly by the click of just one button

ZIP Compression - How to use it and why

A surprising number of people get a bit intimidated when dealing with ZIP files. In reality zipping or unzipping is easily done within Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (MAC). Zipping will save you time and bandwidth as well as being a neat way to keep files together.