FireFox Colour Management

FireFox is a properly Colour Managed web browser and for that reason alone I prefer it to others. Download Firefox

By default FireFox Colour Management works well but for best results I recommend a quick tweak to the default Colour Management settings.

Here is a table of the available user settings and I will explain the tweak below

Setting Name Possible Settings Effect of each setting
gfx.color_management.mode   0 Disable Colour Management

  1 Colour Manage all graphics
(assume images without an embedded icc profile are in sRGB colour space)

  2 (default) Only colour manage graphics with embedded icc profiles
gfx.color_management.rendering_intent   -1 Use intent specified in embedded icc profiles
  0 (default) Perceptual

  1 Relative Colorimetric

  2 Saturation

  3 Absolute Colorimetric

gfx.color_management.display_profile Nothing (default) Default system display profile will be used.
Path to display profile e.g. C:\WINDOWS\system32\
Sets the specific display profile to be used

Recommended FireFox Colour Management settings

For many years the accepted wisdom in the colour world has been to convert all images intended for the web into the sRGB colour space. However the sRGB profile is rarely embedded in those images because it slightly increases the file size. In order to render those images correctly it makes sense to configure FireFox to assume that any image without an embedded profile is in sRGB colour space. Here's how to do it:

In the URL address bar at the top of the Firefox browser window type about:config and press enter.

You will get a warning about changing advanced settings.To proceed click the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button

In the Filter text box type color_management which will isolate the 3 settings we are interested in. DoubleClick the item labeled gfx.color_management.mode which will bring up a dialogue box. Replace the number in the dialogue box with a number 1 and Click OK.

Finally close and restart the browser and your new settings will be in effect.

So if an image on the internet has an embedded colour profile - no problem - Firefox will render it correctly. If the image has no embedded profile Firefox will assume that it is in sRGB colour space (correct 99% of the time).