How to Print with a Custom Printer Profile

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Installing a Custom Printer Profile

We usually send your profiles as email attachments. Installation for windows users is very simple. That is the installation done! The above procedure copies the file to the color drivers folder in your operating system which is typically found at the path C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color navigate there now to check that your profile has been installed.

Occasionally installing via the Right Click method fails. If this happens you can simply copy the profile to the windows path above.

Printing with Photoshop and a Custom Printer Profile

Before printing with a Custom Printer profile it is essential to make sure that your source image is tagged with an ICC profile. Otherwise Photoshop will assume a profile based upon your current Colour Settings. This will open your Printer Driver where you should set the same settings that you used to print your Profile Target. Hopefully you will have saved the settings as a preset (recommended in Custom Printer Profile Instructions). Once you are sure that you have made the correct Printer Driver Settings, Click the OK buttons until you get back to the Photoshop Print Window.

Photoshop Print With Preview
This tutorial was written for Photoshop CS2 but the process is virtually indentical for later versions.

Printing with Lightroom and a Custom Printer Profile

The Process is similar in lightroom. A key difference being the treatment of JPEG and TIFF images that do not have an embedded profile. In this case Lightroom assigns sRGB as the source image profile. If you want to work with JPEG or TIFF images make sure they have an appropriate embedded profile.

Lightroom assigns ProPhoto colour space to RAW images.