How to Calibrate a Monitor
With an i1Display 2

Part 3 - Pre-Calibration Checks

Now let’s have a look at the Monitor’s Controls. They vary greatly with make and model but there are usually some panel controls (buttons on the panel itself).

Assuming this is your first monitor calibration, reset the monitor to it's default factory settings. A 'Reset" or 'Reset Factory Settings' control is usually available from somewhere in the control panel options.

If you have an OSD location control it is useful to move the little display panel away from the centre of your screen. I like to put it towards the bottom right of the screen. The icon for my OSD control looks like this

Disable any ‘SMART’ features such as Brightness Regulation, Gaming Mode, Cinema Mode. While pretty, these features work against calibration. We want to get the monitor into a baseline/native state that can be repeated each time we calibrate. By putting the monitor into this state we are maximizing the accuracy of the calibration.

When you’re done exit from the panel controls.