How to Calibrate a Monitor
With an i1Display 2

Part 6 - Calibrate Luminance

Calibrate Luminance

Press the ‘Start’ button. Some more patches will appear followed by a window like this

Luminance Indicator

In this example the Luminance  is a little too high so we would use the monitors brightness control to reduce the Luminance until the black mark is in the middle (or at least within the green shade area). Once you are satisfied with your adjustments click the 'Stop' button. 

There is a short time delay between your inputs on the control panel and the black line resting in a new spot.  Monitors tend to drift to their new setting rather than jump there.

The calibration half of the exercise is now done!  That is to say the monitor has been put into it’s best possible state ready to be profiled. The second half of the process is the creation of the Display Profile itself.