How to Calibrate a Monitor
With an i1Display 2

Part 8 - Correctly use your display profile

Having made your Display Profile it's important to check that it is properly installed and being used by your image editing software.

For non Photoshop users:
Check that the Display Profile has been properly installed by browsing to the colour driver file in Windows. In XP, VISTA and Windows7 the folder where profiles are installed is : C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color. There will be a few other profiles in there as well as your new monitor profile.

You will also need to check that your image editing software is accessing the profile. The user manual or help files for the software should tell you where to make Colour Management settings and there should be an option in there to set the monitor or display profile.

Photoshop Users:

You will see something like this.
Photoshop Colour Settings
Having found your display profile, you know it's correctly installed in your operating system and being accessed by Photoshop.

Now that you are working with a colour managed display, it makes sense to set up Photoshop’s other Color Settings.  Here are my general use settings.

Color Settings

This should be a topic for a separate article so I won't go into the reasons for the settings here but the basic points are:
If you start with these setting you are on the right track.