Photoshop Tutorials and Articles

Digital Imaging Dictionary / Glossary

Brief explanations of many Digital Imaging Terms. This is a growing resource so be sure to bookmark it!

Setting Black and White Points using Photoshop Levels

Knowing how to properly set Black and White Points can be the difference between dull washed out results and bright contrasty output. Make sure you are using the full dynamic range available to you.

Pixel Resolution

Do you know the difference between Image Resolution and Pixel Resolution? Do you know what Pixel Resolution will make for good output? This article explains everything you need to know.

Scaling or Resizing an Image

There are many times when you need to resize an image - say when you are printing or preparing an image for the web. Whether enlarging or reducing an image there are a number of different ways to go about it. This tutorial will help you resize images in the best way for a given situation.

Preparing Files For Print

These notes explain the ideal way to prepare a file to ensure you get the best results from our Fine Art Printing Service