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Only SoLux light bulbs can boast a Color Rendering Index in excess of 99%. Put simply, there is no better light source for replicating natural daylight

Museo Digital Fine Art

Museo is the brand name given to the family of Digital Fine Art Media originally developed by Crane & Co. Museo is manufactured to archival standards as defined by ISO and US Library of Congress

(Crane was established in 1801 and makes many fine art papers as well as paper for US bank notes.)

Hahnemühle FineArt

Hahnemühle have been perfecting the art of paper making for 426 years. Satisfying the quality demands of artists.

"Uniquely beautiful papers are created from pure spring water and first-class pulps, the same today as over 400 years ago"


X-Rite is the global leader in colour science and technology. They also offer Munsell branded products.

Taiyo Yuden

Taiyo Yuden marketed the world's first recordable compact discs (CD-R) in October 1988. Today their recordable CD and DVD offer the highest levels of archival life, performance and reliability.