Colour Management
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  • Sick of dull or muddy prints?
  • Tired of wasting paper and ink trying to correct colours?
  • Frustrated that prints don't match what you see on screen?

Our Colour Management Products and Services can solve these issues and many more.

Colour Management

is the secret to maintaining accurate colour and tonality in your images from the point of capture through to print.

Colour Management Stage 1

If you are serious about digital imaging a decent Monitor Calibrator is not a luxury - it's essential kit. No single investment will improve your image making more. Learn more about Monitor Calibration

Colour Management Stage 2

It's true to say that any device essential to your digital workflow should be colour managed. So if you do your own printing - Custom Printer Profiles will be yet another leap forward in your image making. Learn more about Custom Printer Profiles

Colour Management will greatly benefit these devices:

  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Digital Cameras
  • Scanners
  • Digital Projectors

Colour Management Advice & Education

While some aspects of Colour Management are straight forward others are more complex. At Finer Image we don't simply sell you a gadget. We offer genuine advice and straight forward solutions to your Colour Management issues. Part of what we do is to educate about Colour Management and as you browse this site you will find numerous free articles.



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