Ultra Clear Archival Bags

Resealable Enclosures for Fine Art

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Product Code: FI-CB-A5
Price inc GST:$24.95
Product Code: FI-CB-A4
Price inc GST:$44.95
Product Code: FI-CB-A3
Price inc GST:$75.95
Product Code: FI-CB-A4s
Price inc GST:$12.95
Product Code: FI-CB-A3s
Price inc GST:$21.90
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  • Ultra Clear Bags in A3 A4 A5 sizes.

    Protect your fine art with these Ultra Clear archival bags. Our clear bags really are crystal clear! Made from archival quality Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene they are not only crystal clear but dimensionally very stable so they will not easily tear or wrinkle.

    The flap is resealable making our ultra clear bags great for merchandising as well as archiving your prints and other valuable items.

    Our Ultra Clear bags are perfectly sized for your A4 or A3 & A5 artworks with a small margin to allow for a backing board or heavyweight media.

    Ultra Clear bags are the ideal way to present and preserve your precious artwork!

    Ultra Clear bags help keep out dust and moisture while allowing for potential off gassing of the contents. This is a key issue when conserving prints!