X-Rite ColorChecker 24 Patch Classic Target

(Munsell Colour Checker Chart)

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Product Code: FI-CM-CCH
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Using ColourChecker

Simply place the


into a scene and photograph it under the prevailing lighting conditions (natural or artificial). During post processing you can make colour adjustments to all your images guided by the colour rendition of the target.

Alternatively you can use the chart to optimize your camera and lighting setup before commencing the shoot. For example the


White and Neutral patches enable you to set precise white balance and exposure.

ColorChecker 24 Patch Classic target

is used by many systems to create accurate Camera Raw Calibrations. There is even a free Adobe Camera Raw script available. So you can pre-calibrate your camera for just about any lighting condition.
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  • Design of ColorChecker

    The ColorChecker Classic is 11in x 8.5in (21cm X 28cm). Each patch of solid colour has been scientifically designed to represent real world colours such as skin tones, foliage and blue sky. Not only do they have the same visual appearance as the real life colours but importantly they have a matching spectral response under varying light conditions.

    There are 5 neutral patches and 1 white patch greatly aiding the photographer in removing colour casts from their images.

    The key RGB and CMYK primaries help the user check their capture to print process.

    ColorChecker also has diagnostic capabilities.

    For example patches 6 & 11 will reverse if there is a problem with blues and yellows in your capture process. Patch 13 will often turn purple if there is too much warmth (red) in the lighting, and so on.

    A pocket sized version of Colourchecker is also available - ideal for close up work!

    ColorChecker is also useful for:

    • Video & Cinematography: Check cameras, lights and film
    • Film Photography: Check film, paper, lights and filters