SoLux - The most colour accurate lighting!

True D50 - Genuine Full Spectrum - Daylight Balanced

With SoLux a colour accurate lighting solution can be as simple as swapping over your downlight bulbs. SoLux globes are also perfect for track lighting systems.

SoLux illustration
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SoLux bulbs suit 12 Volt MR16 (GU5.3) fixtures

No More Guesswork

If you edit or print images, you need SoLux. It's hopeless trying to match prints to images on your monitor under normal incandescent or fluorescent lights. They're simply not up to the task. Daylight is better but it fluctuates throughout the day and it's outside when your screen is inside! What you need is a stable light source, equivalent to daylight, right where you edit your images. This is why the professional graphic arts industry works to a daylight illumination standard called D50 and there is no better D50 light source than SoLux.
[X] D50 is the primary standard used in the graphic arts industry for print viewing (ISO 3664) and the colour management industry (ICC.1:2004-10).
D50 is a ‘standard illuminant’ as defined by the International Commission on Illumination in 1964. It describes how much of each wavelength of light is present in typical daylight (spectral distribution) at 5000K.

Key Features
  • SoLux provides unparalleled replication of natural daylight.
  • No better match to the D50 lighting standard
  • No gaps in spectral output like other so called ‘full spectrum lights’ (see chart below)
  • Only SoLux can boast a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of up to 99+
  • [X]  CRI is a measure of a light source's ability to show the colours of an object faithfully in comparison to natural daylight. The CRI range is 0 to 100. Ordinary lights often have CRI in the 60s - well below what is required for working accurately in colour.
  • SoLux emits a stable colour temperature of 4700K
  • Creates a particularly comfortable working environment - We all like daylight!
  • Widely available MR-16 low voltage fitting
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  • The SoLux Advantage

    Don't be mislead into thinking that any light with a colour temperature of 5000k is good enough for colour accuracy. Assuming it actually achieves 5000k, It must also emit the same wavelengths of visible light as daylight, otherwise some of the colours you see will be wrong. Don't assume either that the words 'full spectrum' in the marketing mean a light is up to task - If there are spikes, dips or gaps in the output then some of the colours you see will be again be wrong.

    SoLux is proven to closely match the full spectrum and distribution of daylight wavelengths as can be seen in the illustration below.

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    SoLux [CRI 99+]
    Fluorescent [supposedly 'full spectrum']

    You can easily see that the spectral distribution of SoLux light is very similar to natural daylight and that there are no gaps or spikes in the output. By contrast the fluorescent has 4 output spikes and gaps at both ends of the spectrum (particularly between 700 & 780 nm). Many fluorescent tubes behave far worse than this one.

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    SoLux is used by many world leading Galleries and Museums

    Here are just 3 of the many Galleries and Museums that use SoLux to light priceless works of art and gem collections: SoLux globes suit an MR-16 fitting. The MR-16 fitting is otherwise known as GU5.3
    Ensure your fixture is rated for the wattage of the globes.