Archival DVD and CD media

Master Grade from Taiyo Yuden

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Taiyo Yuden

Master Grade disks boast the highest archival life of up to 100 years when properly handled.

Manufactured in Japan using special archival organic dyes, their DVD and CD media are regarded by most experts as the best burnable disks in the world!

For archiving data or presenting images to clients

Taiyo Yuden

Master Grade DVD / CD is the only choice.
  • Taiyo Yuden gives the peace of mind that generic media cannot offer
  • Master Grade is suitable for publication and duplication
  • Unsurpassed stability and performance
  • Cost effective - lowest error rates + longest archival life
  • Inkjet printable - High quality images possible.
  • Heat and damp resistant to IEC 68-2-8 Ba & IEC 68-2-30 Db standards
  • Cannot be overwritten
  • Easy to maintain offsite copies
  • Don't trust your valuable data to inferior products.


Taiyo Yuden DVD+R is the ultimate choice for archiving. It's ADIP (Address In Pre-groove) tracking system is the most resistant to interference and it boasts an exceptional error management system so you can be confident your data will be accessible when you need it.

Universal Compatibly

When publishing work or providing disks to clients go with Taiyo Yuden DVD-R since they are designed to be the most compatible across many devices. Taiyo Yuden is the only brand where we recommend DVD-R because of the sheer quality of their manufacturing process and miniscule error rates so you will have peace of mind that your data will last.

Taiyo Yuden co-pioneered recordable CD technology in 1988 alongside Philips and Sony and continue to innovate in the optical media industry. They have 60% market share in Japan and make the 'gold class' product for a number global brands but with a price tag to match!
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