Store and Print On Demand Service

This service is perfect for anyone with a portfolio of images that they wish to sell. The simple principle is that you have your print ready images stored with us and as soon as you get an order you can ask us to print it without further work on your part.

Initially you only need a minimum stock of 1 copy of each image so this solution is great for emerging or part time artists. Your initial outlay is reasonable and you only outlay further cash as you make profits!

How it all works

Let’s say you have 10 images that you wish to sell.  You would supply the 10 files to us and make at least one hard proof (test print) of each image on the paper of your choice to ensure that your product is ready for sale.  You can use the successful test prints as your initial stock of artwork.

We store a copy of all your final “print ready” files, awaiting further orders.

As buyers take a liking to your work and place orders you use our online ordering system to order the prints required to satisfy your orders.  How frequently you order is entirely up to how you would like to manage your stock of artwork.

The conditions

Go for it!

This service will minimise the your setup costs so the next hurdle is having the confidence to just go for it!
It is a bit of a leap of faith but my own experience was that I got loads of great feedback. I'm sure you will too! Best of luck.