Custom Printer Profile Prices

A Custom ICC Printer Profile costs less than a set of ink yet it will save you many dollars and a great deal of time and frustration.
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Product Code: FI-CM-PPS
Price inc GST:$58.00
Product Code: FI-CM-PPM2
Price inc GST:$108.00
Product Code: FI-CM-PPM5
Price inc GST:$240.00
Product Code: FI-CM-PPBW
Price inc GST:$40.00
Product Code: FI-CM-PPBWM
Price inc GST:$100.00

Options Explained

A Custom ICC Printer Profile is specific to a printer, and paper so you need a Profile for each of your favourite papers. The more Custom Printer Profiles you order in a package the more you will save...

Printer Profile Colour - Single Profile

If this is your first experience of Custom Printer Profiles you may just want to get going with one profile.

Printer Profile Colour - 2 Profile Package

For example your favourite matte and glossy media. (Price subject to both targets being processed at the same time).

Printer Profile Colour - 5 Profile Package

Valid for 6 months - you can supply the targets at any time within that period. This is ideal if you have a couple of papers you want to get going with now but need more time to decide what other papers you might like to use.

Printer Profile Black & White - Standard Profile

If your printer has an advanced black and white printing mode (multiple black & light black inks) a Custom Black & White Profile will give you far better control over tonal reproduction - No more 'under exposed' prints! Soft proofing with a Black & White Profile will guide your edits in the shadow regions of an image so you can be confident of revealing the detail you want seen while printing the deepest shadows a nice inky black.

A Black and White profile maintains the warmth or coolness introduced by your media or ink settings so it will respect any sepia or color toning you incorporate via your printer driver.

Printer Profile Black & White - Advanced Profile

For the very best in Black and White printing - This is an ultra fine monochrome profile tuned to the characteristics of a particular media.  Where a standard profile is based on your printers default monochrome settings this profile is designed to help tune the printer towards a particular media. You print multiple targets which we process one at a time.  Each time we process a target we give you feedback on adjusting your printer driver settings until your monochrome process has been optimized.  If you are considering this service please call first as it is quite technical and not suitable for all printers. We may suggest coming to your site to undertake this kind of profiling but it can be done remotely.

Complete we do it all for you service

We can come to you, make all necessary test prints, calculate and install the profiles. We then teach you how to use them. The availability and cost of this service depends on your location and requirements. Give us a ring to discuss what we can do for you.

CMYK Printers

The vast majority of commercial and consumer desktop printers, use RGB drivers (even though the physical inks are usually CMYK). Only an RGB printer profile is appropriate to these printers.

A CMYK profile is needed for those few, using a dedicated CMYK RIP. For our CMYK profiling service - please ring for pricing and further information.

From Screen to Print a Custom Printer Profile gives unbeatable Colour Accuracy!

Enjoy professional looking Colour Accurate prints time after time

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