Custom ICC Printer Profile Service

A Custom Printer Profile is the secret to obtaining accurate colour and tonal reproduction from
your printer.

Custom Printer Profile


A Custom Printer Profile is an essential investment if you want clean accurate colour from your printer. Not only will a Custom Printer Profile improve the quality of your work through an accurate and predictable printer but you will save money by printing correctly, the first time and every time.

For less than the cost of a set of ink you will save many dollars and a great deal of time and frustration. We constantly receive great feedback from clients delighted with the results they can now get from their printers.

Custom Printer Profiles are not just for professionals with expensive kit, they will help anyone get much better results on the most modest of printers.

What is a Custom ICC Printer Profile?

A Custom ICC Printer Profile is a bit of software that contains precise information about how your printer renders all possible colours on a particular media. Programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom or any Colour Managed application use this information each time you print. Based on the information in the Profile, they process the colours of an image in such a way that they print accurately on your printer.

Just printing with a Custom ICC Printer Profile will dramatically improve your results but you can go a step further and Soft-Proof in applications such as Photoshop. The profile enables Photoshop to make a precise onscreen simulation of how an image will print on your printer and paper. It allows you to optimize the file for print in terms of saturation, shadow detail, tonal placement, warmth, and many other parameters.

Why is a Custom Printer Profile necessary?

Prior to custom profiling most printers are no where near colour accurate and certainly do not perform to the best of their ability. Even expensive printers benefit greatly from a Custom Printer Profile.

We have all experienced greenish or magenta skin tones or muddy "under-exposed" prints when using a printer that has not been Custom Printer Profiled. Without a custom profile most printers are simply no good for serious image making.

How do I get a Custom Printer Profile?

Finer Image will make one for you. We do the technical bit so for you, the process is quite simple:

The result is highly colour accurate printing every time!

Why the Finer Image Service is the best

  • Our process and the technology we use is the best around
  • We provide feedback so you can be confident that the profile will work well
  • Various money saving packages are available
  • We publish easy to follow, tailored instructions for various popular Printers
  • We are happy to work with you to get the process done right
  • Complete we do everything solution is available

How much does it cost?

A single Custom Printer Profile costs just $58 and the price drops if you order a package of 2 or more.

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