Custom ICC Scanner Profile Service
for Film Scanning

Correct your film scanner's exposure and colour with Custom Scanner Profiles

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Product Code: FI-CM-SPT2
Price inc GST:$105.00


This service is designed for scanners with a transparency unit and dedicated film scanners.

If your film scanner is not giving acceptable exposure or colour a Custom Scanner Profile is the answer. From the cheapest machine to a high end drum scanner you are not getting the most from your machine until you get a Custom Scanner Profile.

The first time you use a scanner it can be obvious that its not recording colour faithfully and the tendency is to play with the controls in an attempt to improve things. What seems to work for one image doesn't work for others so things get frustrating very quickly. Custom Scanner Profiles solve this problem making scanning a more productive and rewarding process. Once profiled you will have minimal need for the scanner's colour controls.

Benefits of our Service.

How to get a Custom Scanner Profile

Just add a Custom Scanner Profile to the Cart above - after payment we will send you the special scanner Target Slide with some instructions.

The process is easy because we do the technical bit: The result is excellent colour every time!

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Scanning the Custom Scanner Profile Target Slide You only need to read this once you have received the target from us.