Custom ICC Scanner Profile Service
for Printed Media Scanning

Custom Scanner Profile | Printed Media
Product Code: FI-CM-SPR
Price inc GST:$60.00
Custom Scanner Profiles are the key to accurate colour from your scanner



Printed Media Scanning covers, photos, offset prints (e.g. magazine/leaflet), inkjet prints and laser prints.

Are you: If so you the Custom Scanner Profile Service will greatly benefit you.

Scanners are simply not colour accurate out of the box and the only way to make them accurate is to have a custom ICC profile made. A Custom Scanner Profile will eliminate almost all need for adjusting the scanner's controls while giving you far more accurate results than manual settings ever could.

The time saved is 2 fold. Firstly you won't be endlessly fiddling with scanner settings and secondly editing time after the scan will be dramatically reduced.

Nothing will improve your scanner's productivity and image quality more than a Custom Scanner Profile.

Benefits of the Custom Scanner Profile Service

The bottom line is that if you are serious about accurate colour you need a Custom Scanner Profile.

How do I get a Custom Scanner Profile?

Just add the Custom Scanner Profile to the cart above - after payment we will send you the special scanner target and some easy instructions.

The process is easy because we do the technical bit: The result is excellent colour every time!

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